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A Visioning for Formation: As in St. Francis’ Time, Spirit of Age Ultimately Doesn’t Satisfy

Setting the stage for a weekend of formation visioning, Fr. David Pivonka, TOR, provided a dose of reality. “The world has profoundly changed in the last 25 years,” said the host of EWTN’s Wild Goose series. “Young people have no safe place. There is a sense of danger infiltrating every part of us.” He said that there are things that want to corrupt, to manipulate the spirit of faith.

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OFS Mission Opportunity – To Assist Migrants and Refugees

We are in troubling times. We hear the news of migrants and refugees at the border, and we ask, “what is ours to do?” As directed by our Bishops, we need to put two feet of love in action. We need both social action and charitable works. Certainly, there are root causes that need to be addressed, and our country’s immigration laws need revision, but meanwhile, we must meet the immediate needs of these brothers and sisters. To that end, the National Executive Council OFS-USA offers this Mission Opportunity for Secular Franciscans to assist Project Oak Tree.

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JPIC 2019 New Year’s Letter

"It is no accident that the message for this new year speaks to the political arena. There are those of the mind that Franciscans have no place in politics. Both Jesus and Francis ministered in the heart of the political sphere because this is where the “least of these” resided and were ignored. It is in this political arena where we must pray, learn and act for justice, to right the wrongs done to our brothers and sisters who have no recourse and are left to fend for themselves."

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