Dearest sisters & brothers,

Peace and all blessing!

Los Tres Companeros Region – Texas invites you to join us in a JPIC Service project to assist immigrants that are legally crossing the border, awaiting a court hearing and traveling to their US destination.

There are two distinct needs we’re working to address:

  1. Toiletries and personal items for immigrants as they travel to their US destination
  2. Bulk items for Catholic Charities that provides respite meals and services

Toiletries & Personal Items – We have set up an Amazon Wish list with items that you can purchase.  The delivery address has been added to the Wish list so that these items can be delivered to me in Corpus Christi.

Los Tres Companeros Region will supply:

  1. 1,000 drawstring tote bags
  2. Toothbrushes & toothpaste


On Friday afternoon, October 18th, all participants at National Chapter in Corpus Christi, Texas will fill the bags with the purchased items, similar to the “Q” project some years back.  The tote bags will be sent to Catholic Charities in 2 -3 locations in Texas.

Note: We did not include water bottles in the list because 1,000 water bottles would be very heavy and difficult to transport along with the filled totes.  The snacks will be sent to the center in the shipping boxes and handed out with the totes so that they are not crushed during transport or storage.

Bulk Items –

Based on feedback from Catholic Charities in Laredo, Texas, a few most commonly needed items have been selected for the Bulk Item Wish List.  These items will be delivered directly to Catholic Charities in Laredo, Texas.

Will you help?

Please send the attached flyer to your Fraternities, members, family & friends and ask if they would like to individually or collectively purchase items from one or both of the Wish lists.  With your prayers and your assistance, we will have sufficient items to fill the 1,000 bags and provide needed supplies to Catholic Charities as they provide assistance to those in need.


Blessings to all of you!

Patsy Cueva Philipps, OFS
Minister, Los Tres Companeros Region – Texas