Printable Prayer Cards and Petitions 

From Vocation Tool Kit – Prayer Resources

Vocation Prayers    [English] [Korean] [Spanish] [Vietnamese]  (Prayer to promote Franciscan vocations – Printable Prayer Card: Front with Francis & Back with the Prayer)

Prayer before the Crucifix at San Damiano   [English] [Korean] [Spanish]  (Printable Prayer Card: Front with San Damiano Cross & Back with the Prayer)

Franciscan Vocation Petitions   [English] [Korean] [Spanish]  (for Liturgy of the Hours: 2 columns per page – Page 1. Morning & Evening Prayer Petitions; Page 2. Canticle of Mary & Canticle of Zachariah.      Also see on Prayers for Fraternal Life page – a PDF 8.5 x 11 to use with Liturgy of the Hours.