Regional Forms

  • Regional Guidelines Template from NEC [PDF] [docx]

Treasurer Forms and Guidelines

  • Regional Treasurer’s Report (quarterly) [Excel] [PDF ]
  • Regional Treasurer’s Report (annual) – updated 2019 [Excel] [PDF]
  • Treasurer’s Reporting Requirements [Word] [PDF]
  • Fraternity Treasurer’s Annual Report [Excel] [PDF]
  • Monthly Report to the Fraternity Council [Excel] [PDF]
  • Fraternity Treasurer’s Worksheet [Excel] [PDF]
  • Details of Monthly Expenditures [Excel] [PDF]
  • Confidential Record of Donations Received [Excel] [PDF]
  • Record of Donations Received – Fraternity Summary by Meeting Date [Excel] [PDF]
  • Record of Donations Received – Fraternity Summary by Member [Excel] [PDF]

Other Resources

For Up to Now: Foundational Topics for Initial Formation (FUN Manual)

On the FUN Manual page, you will find these resources:

  • Reflections on Formation Topics in the FUN Manual by Fred Schaeffer, OFS
  • FUN CD Contents
  • Various Other FUN-Related Documents
  • Ordering Information

Note: While translation is still in progress, all materials will be made available in English, Spanish, and Korean

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