Photos from National Chapter Meeting Oct. 11-16, 2022

The General Chapter opened with Mass celebrated by Bishop William Battersby at the Sheraton Hotel, Romulus, MI. This year is an Election Chapter. Voting will occur on Saturday, Oct. 15.
Photos from National Chapter

Chapter Video Presentations

2022 OFS-USA State of the Order Detroit, MI

2022 State of the Order by Minister Jan Parker, OFS

Guidelines for Councils OFS-USA Formation Team

Guidelines for Councils by the National Formation Team

Fr. Jerome Wolbert, OFM

Why Is There A Visitation?
CNSA Presentation

Fr. John DeLaRiva, OFM Cap

Animate and Inspire
CNSA Presentation

Fr. Chris Shorrock, OFM Conv.

Spiritual Assistants
CNSA Presentation

Fr. Christopher Panagoplos, TOR

CNSA Presentation

Materials for Chapter

Here is the draft schedule and agenda:  Schedule and agenda

Preparatory Materials

**Please read first:  Purpose of Preparatory Materials

  1. Summary of Conclusive Document from XIV General Chapter 3 pages
  2. Franciscan Centenaries 2023-2026 – 21 page booklet
  3. A Franciscan Spirituality of Discernment.  (42-minute video)
  4. Quinquennial Keynote Presentations      (3 – 60+ minute videos)
  5. Guidelines for OFS Councils -CIOFS 2021 – 14 pages
  6. Charitable Giving Task Force Report – 1 page

Reports and Chapter Resources 

Commission and Committee Reports – 29 pages

  • This document contains the annual reports from our 3 National Commissions and 12 of our National Committees.
  • Clicking on any one report in the Table of Contents will immediately take you to the page where you can find that report.
  • Each Commission and Committee report gives an overview of the past year’s accomplishments, as well as future goals.
  • There is a time during Chapter when voting members may ask questions regarding any of these reports.

NEC Election

  • Slate of Candidates – 1 page
  • Guidelines for Nominations from the Floor– 1 page.   These guidelines will be brought to the floor for discussion and a vote on whether to accept them.                                                                                                                                                                         

OFS-USA Photo Directory– 5 pages

The Photo Directory will help you put names with the faces of those who will be at our 2022 NAFRA Chapter.  Check out these wonderful photos of National Fraternity Council members, Commission and Committee Chairs, and some Commission and Committee members.

Geographic Groups 1 page

At times during Chapter, Regional Ministers meet in a group with other Regional Ministers whose Regions are located near each other geographically.  Regional Ministers are encouraged to become familiar with this list prior to Chapter.

General Information for 2022 OFS-USA National Chapter– 9 pages

This packet includes a welcome from Host Region, registration and arrival information, ground transportation instructions, what to bring, pre and post Chapter events, medical form, Day Away description and registration link for Day Away tickets, and who to contact if you have questions about the venue.

Please do not neglect to fill out the Medical Form.  If something unforeseen should happen, we need a contact number for you.  Additionally, your medical information may very well save your life. This form is kept in your room and only shared in case of an emergency.

What is NOT Posted on the Website

Resumes of Candidates

To protect private information, the resumes of those running for office are only available to voting members of the National Fraternity Council.  Please consult your Regional Minister.

Proposed Budget and Financial Reports

For security reasons we are not posting our proposed budget, or any of the financial reports.  These are available to voting members of the National Fraternity Council.  Please consult your Regional Minister.   (The approved budget is typically published in the TAU-USA in the issue that comes out after Chapter.)

Blessed Solanus Casey Center Detroit, MI

A trip to the Blessed Solanus Casey Center is planned for Friday, Oct. 14. Bl. Casey (1870-1957) served his adult life as a professed member of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin working as a humble doorkeeper and receptionist. He was known as a great spiritual counselor who held special masses for the sick. During the Great Depression, he helped found the Capuchin Soup Kitchen in Detroit.