The National Executive Council is pleased to announce the rolling out of our new national database starting in August 2023.

After more than two years of work, the Database Committee is ready to go live with this new tool.

Most of the persons responsible for entering information have been trained.  The old database will no longer be used.   To facilitate the transfer of information from the current database to the new one, the current database will not be available starting July 30, 2023.

This means changes can be made in the current database through July 29, 2023.

Once the new database comes up, the current database will be shut down permanently. The two databases will not be run in parallel. All data entry will be done on the new database. The Database Committee will notify everyone when the new database is populated and ready for use.

There have been 270 users set up on the system. We have held 18 training sessions, and the majority of users have been trained. We will continue periodic training sessions for the rest of the users identified by the Regional Ministers and for new users.

We want to thank the members of the Computer Committee who have been an integral part of the development team for the new database for their years of service and dedication in operating and maintaining the retiring database. Without their knowledge and expertise, we could not have delivered the new database.  Those members are: Bob Herbelin, Bill Mussatto, Cyl Maljan-Herbelin, and Patsy Phillipps.

Those attending Chapter will have a chance to ask questions about the new system.