Tibor Kauser, CIOFS General Minister, invites Franciscans to welcome Jesus into our midst like St. Francis of Assisi did 800 years in Greccio.  He addresses the beauty of the birth of Jesus in his Christmas letter to the world’s Secular Franciscans.

Jesus became a living miracle, and Tibor encourages us to bring this miracle alive today.  “This year in this simple message for Christmas I invite you all: Let this be the real gift of Christmas for us too; let Jesus come alive for us. Jesus has become a man, the word has become flesh (Jn.1:14), so that may we come to share in the divinity of Christ who humbled himself to share in our humanity. (Ordo Missae)”

St. Francis designed his first nativity to bring our Lord Jesus to the people of his time, and we are encouraged to do the same today.

“In Greccio there was no nativity scene. There were no statues around but living people. I invite you all to experience this miracle, together with Saint Francis, being those around the ‘Christmas crèche.’ Let us be the living family, in which Jesus can be born and can find a warm family spirit,” Tibor said.

Tibor also addresses the world’s wars and suffering, encourages us to pay less attention to the material side of Christmas, and devote our prayer and attention to the miracle that occurred in Bethlehem when Jesus Christ was born.

Read Tibor’s complete Christmas letter to Franciscans.

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