“How big is love?”  I asked my family.  My reflective 14-year-old granddaughter, Miranda, replied, “As big as you want it to be!”

“Do you know why we give gifts?”  “Because God gave us the gift of Jesus!” said Joshua, 12.  His thoughtful brother Caleb, 13, added, “To build relationships.”

“What will you name your new elf?”  I asked 8-year-old Levi.  “I will name him Emmanuel because he is little, like Jesus.”

What joy and wonder are ours in the gift of Jesus, God-with-us, who came to us as a child!  I am so thankful for the gift of family, and that certainly includes the gift of our wonderful Franciscan family.  A blessed Christmas to you!  Thank you all for your greetings, and for the love and joy that shines in each of your hearts.

May your Christmas be bright with the light, love and joy of Christ!

Peace and love,

Your sister,


Jan Parker OFS

National Minister

Secular Franciscan Order – USA

Journey Together in Love and Compassion

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