State of the Order 2019 – Our History Forms A Trajectory

State of the Order 2019 – Our History Forms A Trajectory

[This is an excerpt of an article that originally appeared in the Winter 2019 Issue 99 of the TAU-USA.  Also – Resources –  Meeting Documents and Proceedings –  2019 National Chapter –   State of Order Address OFS-USA 10-16-19 ]

National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order – USA


In consultation with the National Executive Council


Let’s look back at our history from the time of the new Rule until today. Reflecting on our history can help us understand where we’re going in light of where we’ve been.

It reflects and shows us how God is working in this renewal – the renewal that’s been happening from the time of the new Rule.

1968 -1978 The development of the Pauline Rule

1972 – The Santa Clara Statement issued from the Lay Franciscan Congress (the Q)

2000 – The Constitutions

2002 – 2008 CIOFS “For the Formators”

2012 Q – Be the bridge

2014 – National Retreat – Signs of the times / Pope Francis – Br. Bill Short

2014 CIOFS Management of the Order, which asked “What would it take for our Order to fully develop?”

2016 Q – Revive

2017 CIOFS – Management of the Order Terms of Reference / General Chapter

2017 – Youth Visioning

2018 – Formation Visioning

2019 – Life Giving Union Event

2019 – JPIC Visioning

Each of these events have had a profound impact on our Order. Seeing where we are now, we can look back, and we can understand how all of this is part of a grand trajectory.


The Holy Spirit continues to move us on a trajectory of renewal.

We see this in the initiatives, activities and achievements of this past year.

These have been reported to you in detail by the various Commissions, Committees and those individuals appointed for a particular service, but they bear mentioning here.

Many of the individuals responsible for this wonderful work are present this week at our Chapter.

Next blog post:  The Priority of Fraternity

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