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OFS-USA National Chapter 2023

Seventy Secular Franciscans, friars and visitors met at the General Chapter in St. Louis amidst a record-setting heat wave Aug. 22-27. One day the mercury soared to 104 degrees, breaking a record of 101 degrees set in 1943. This was a visitation year, and Secular Franciscans were honored by the presence of fraternal visitor Dina Shabalina, OFS, from Ukraine, and pastoral visitor Fr. Carlos Gines Campos Julve, TOR, of Peru. Visitations are held every six years at the national level.

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Friars Challenge, Help Bring Prayer Alive at Chapter – Highlights of National Chapter

The Conference of National Spiritual Assistants enlivened the National Chapter by focusing on being part of an order, on prayer and contemplation, and on the Liturgy of the Hours. As an Order, Respect Different Opinions “It’s important that we recognize that we are committed to an order, and we should try to be in harmony with the church... and with each other,” Fr. Jerome Wolbert, OFM, said. But, sometimes, he said, it’s difficult. Sometimes, even across the church, there may be disagreement. [...]

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Award Represents All Working For Justice and Peace – Highlights of National Chapter

In true Franciscan fashion, Donna Hollis, OFS, began her JPIC award talk by recognizing others who were nominated for the award. “This award represents and includes all of us who work tirelessly for Justice and Peace. It is not just me, but many members working together as Franciscans, and people with compassionate hearts showing the love of God through our actions for others in most need,” Hollis said. [...]

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