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Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

May grace and peace be yours in this season of repentance..

The Holy Spirit led Jesus to the desert.  Let us simply ask the Holy Spirit to lead us, too, during this Lenten season.  I know God will give each of us a very personal answer.

I hope you saw our sister Carolyn’s wonderful Lenten message.  Along with her reminder about our H2O project, I’d like to add two more suggestions for almsgiving:  (1) donations to NAFRA’s Charitable Giving fund, and (2) donations to the Good Friday Collection for the Holy Land.

What is NAFRA’s Charitable Giving Fund?   Each year, prior to our annual Chapter, we ask everyone to submit names of charities that they would like to see our National OFS Family support.  Donations are then made to the particular charities chosen by the National Fraternity Council, oftentimes we are able to send nice donations to 8-10 charitable organizations.  The money for these donations comes from our Charitable Giving fund, and the donation is sent on behalf of the National Secular Franciscan Order..   In 2019, we were not able to make any donations as the fund had been depleted.  Donations for NAFRA’s Charitable Giving fund can be sent to our National Treasurer (see address below.)  Thank you for any contribution you are able to send.

Secondly, I encourage donations for the Franciscans’ ministry in the Holy Land.  The name of this collection is the “Pontifical Good Friday Collection” and contributions can be placed in the collection baskets on Good Friday at your local parish.  For more information, see https://myfranciscan.org/good-friday/

Please share this invitation with your local fraternities.  

I am thankful to be with you on this Lenten journey of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Your sister and minister,


Please make checks payable to “NAFRA”, noting “For Charitable Giving”, and mail to:

Claudia Kauzlarich OFS

2007 Maverick Trail

Harrisonville, MO 64701-1545

“May the fraternal bonds of community always be our help, so that we may reach the goal of perfect Christian love.” 

— from the Secular Franciscan Rite of Profession to the Gospel Life  

Jan Parker OFS

National Minister

Secular Franciscan Order – USA

Journey Together in Love and Compassion

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