Fr. Ron Rolheiser

Prayer, Our Deepest Hunger

How is prayer experienced as a hunger? How does the Spirit pray through us “in groans that are too deep for words?” How do we “pray always?” How do we pray when we are simply too distracted, tired, dissipated, and too disinterested to pray? What are the major formal types of prayer? How is liturgical prayer different from private prayer? What are solitude and contemplation? What is “Sabbath Time” and how is this prayer?  This retreat will focus on answering those questions in a way that, hopefully, leads us into deeper prayer within our lives.

Friday, June 12th

AM – 3 PM Eastern time

9:00 AM   
Session 1: Our Need for Prayer and the Obstacles
that Stand in Our Way

— Health Break —

10:25 AM   
Join us for a Tai-chi Virtual Warm Up

10:45 AM
Session 2: Defining Prayer – and Praying Privately as Individuals
and Praying Publicly as Priests from our Baptism

12:00 PM
Lunch Break 
 with Visual Presentations from Paraclete Press 

1:30 PM
Session 3: Sustaining Ourselves in Prayer –
Some Commandments for the Long Haul

Registration Fee $65.00 USD – register now and reserve your seat (online)

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