A fillable PDF form for Secular Franciscans seeking to transfer to another fraternity is now available on the website.

Transfers are most often requested for one of two reasons: (1) the member will be moving to another location and can no longer participate in their fraternity or (2) the local fraternity to which they belong has been deactivated.

It is important to note that those requesting a transfer for reasons other than the ones above should first discuss their situation with the Council, including the spiritual assistant of the fraternity.

More information can be found with the transfer forms that are located under Guidelines, Forms and Other Resources on the website.  Direct links to transfer forms are located under National Forms.

The General Constitutions, Article 55 states: “If a brother or sister, for any reasonable cause, desires transfer to another fraternity, he or she first informs the council of the fraternity to which he or she belongs and then makes the request, including the reasons for the transfer, to the minister of the fraternity to which he or she wishes to belong. The council makes its decision after having received the necessary information in writing from the fraternity of origin.”