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Every Friday, Diane F. Menditto, OFS Chair, National Formation Commission, emails a “FORMATION FRIDAY”

to Regional Formation Directors.

Hopefully Regional Formation Directors sent them on to Local Formation Directors who can use them in On-going Formation and also send them on to the Local Fraternity Members.

Formation Friday is the work product of the National Formation Commission of the Secular Franciscan Order-USA. Please keep all citations and references intact. (This statement should be included with any posts in emails, on websites, or on social media.)

These “works” are invaluable not only to Formation Directors but to all of us.

Two Fraternities have compiles and created web pages of all the Fridays.

We gratefully thank them for their great efforts.

TO ACCESS the two websites containing the Formation Fridays:



 New! Formation Fridays

(Divine Mercy Fraternity refers to Juan de Padilla Region)