Here is how you can participate . . . .

In a recent letter, Minister General Tibor Kauser, requests both individual Secular Franciscans and fraternities to participate in the Synod on Synodality, asking for our “precious contributions.”   The National Fraternity agrees that this historic event needs our active participation.

To ensure that our collective voice is heard, please reflect on the following questions about the life and mission of the Church and our Order.  Send your written answers to the National Fraternity at  The deadline for submissions is June 30.

The letter from Tibor, which includes the questions, follows.

Prot. n. 3478

Rome, 6th of June, 2022

To OFS National Councils and Ministers To YouFra National Councils and Presidents

Tibor Kauser

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As you know, Pope Francis has convoked the Church of God in Synod. This historic event needs our active participation, both as individuals and also as a fraternity.

There are two ways of to participate:

  • The first way is to insert ourselves, as Secular Franciscan brothers, sisters and fraternities into the synodal procedure of our own dioceses. I hope that all of you have already found your proper role and have made your voice heard.
  • The other way is to respond to the call of the Congregation for the Institutions of the Consecrated Life and the Societies of Apostolic Life. We, as a worldwide Order have the opportunity and the responsibility to join the synodal process as an International Fraternity, too.

For this, by this letter, I invite every National Fraternity to reflect on the following simple questions.

  1. What do you think are the major challenges and problems that the Catholic Church has to face in this decade?
  2. How do you think the Catholic Church should respond to these challenges and problems?
  3. What can you, as a committed, individual Secular Franciscan, offer to the Catholic Church, so that it may become the Body of Christ in a more authentic and visible way?
  4. What could be the best contribution we, as Secular Franciscans, can make to the life of the Catholic Church?
  5. What do we, Secular Franciscans, need the most from the Catholic Church?
  6. What are the greatest challenges that we, the OFS, have to face in this decade?

You may choose to answer any, or all, of the questions as briefly or as long as you wish. Please ensure, that your answers are based upon as wide a range of opinions of the brothers and sisters as possible and send them to the CIOFS General Secretariat ( by July 15th 2022. Your answers will be summarized and sent directly to the Holy See.

Your precious contributions will be greatly appreciated. They will ensure that our voice will be heard and that we, as an Order, will be more visible in the Church and in the world.

With the hope in the future of a peaceful world and in a renewed Holy Catholic Church, I wish you all peace and good.

Your minister and your brother,

Tibor Kauser, OFS

CIOFS general minister