(This article originally appeared in the TAU-USA Spring 2022 Issue #106)



Website News and Did You Know…A "Recent Blog Post" on Franciscan Living

You can view ALL the Blogs of a particular Category if you wish to review the Newsletter Blogs, click on one of the Blogs of the Newsletter and scroll down to the bottom of the Blog. You will see the Date and the Category. Some blogs will have more than one category. Click on the Category, “From the Newsletter,” and only the Newsletter Blogs will be shown in the order they were published.

How to use the slides on www.secularfranciscansusa.com

Image of a Slider for Franciscan Missions

Have you noticed the new slides on our Home Page? We hope so. Our team is working hard to make the website easier to use. When you visit, please take a few moments to go through the slides in the ” image carousel” to see what’s new. Most slides are linked to another page. Just click anywhere on the slide to learn more or find resources. The ” image carousel” moves along automatically and slowly. If you move your cursor over any slide, it stops, which is very helpful!

Franciscan Saints, Blesseds, & Holy Days

Image of The Menu on the Website with a big arrow pointing to the "Pray With Us"

Check out the new Prayers, Prayer Services, & Ceremonies on our website by clicking on “PRAY WITH US” on our Menu. There are six Categories of prayers. You will find links to traditional Franciscan prayers, prayer services and other prayer resources all on one page. Feel free to download and use these for yourself or your fraternity. While you’re there, check out “Franciscan Saints, Blesseds, and Feasts”– you’ll be amazed at the Catalogue that is unique to our site! It opens up to 38 pages of images and links – don’t miss it!