Fr. Kevin Queally, TOR, looks on as Silvia (Sissi) Diana, also on the left, leads prayers for the newly elected council.  National Executive Council members are right to left: Minister Jane DeRose-Bamman; Vice-minister Diane Menditto; Secretary, Susan Ronan; Treasurer, Claudia Kauzlarich; and Councilors Cherryle Fruge, Joshua Molidor and Donna Hollis.  Mary Frances Charsky, OFS, pictured below at left, was elected international councilor.

Mary-Frances Charsky, OFS

The new National Executive Council was elected Saturday, Oct. 15, at the Chapter meeting in Detroit.  Jane DeRose-Bamman, OFS, was elected minister, and Diane Menditto, OFS, was elected vice-minister.

Susan Ronan, OFS, was elected secretary while Claudia Kauzlarich, OFS, was re-elected treasurer.  Mary Frances Charsky, OFS, pictured  was elected international councilor

Cherryle Fruge, OFS, was elected as councilor while Josh Molidor, OFS, and Donna Hollis, OFS, were re-elected as councilors.

All terms are for three years and begin immediately.