(This Article originally appeared in the TAU-USA Summer Issue #106)

Fraternity Life Can Be Puzzling

Puzzles of Ideas or a Picture of your Fraternity

Putting together a puzzle is a fun fraternity project―and if the puzzle is one that reflects your fraternity or your council, it can provide important insights.

Did you know you can purchase a blank jigsaw puzzle with all white pieces that you can write or draw on? You can also order a jigsaw puzzle that has a custom image. Both types come in various sizes with various number of pieces. You can easily search for these on the internet.

As your fraternity or council gathers, give each member a piece of the puzzle, or several pieces, depending on the size of the puzzle and the group. If it’s a blank puzzle, each one can decorate their piece with words or images that say something about themselves, or what gift they receive from the fraternity. If you choose to order a puzzle with an image, you might choose a group photo of your fraternity or an image that reflects the gift of diversity.

Combine this activity with a reflection on how we are all one in Christ, or how we should celebrate our diversity and what gifts we each bring, and you’ll be providing your fraternity with a fun―and meaningful―formation session.