The Christmas message of joy, hope, service, and the onset of our celebration of Franciscan centenaries are expressed in CIOFS General Minister Tibor Kauser’s Christmas letter.

“Do not think about Christmas as a cozy feast but let us make it a feast of being children of God,” Tibor said.

The Franciscan life is about service to God and others, and Christmas reminds us of that. “Let’s discover the Jesus in the other who deserves our worship, asks for our helpful service, awaits our presence and attention,” he said.

Christmas also brings us closer to celebrating two important centenaries in 2023—the 800th anniversary of the Rule and St. Francis’s introduction of the creche in Greccio.

“I invite all of you to live these celebrations not only by remembering some significant moments in the life of Saint Francis, but look at these events as great possibilities to renew our faith, to renew the way we live our rich Franciscan charism,” Tibor said.

Tibor also acknowledged the heartache of personal and global challenges this year and conveyed his love for his brothers and sisters in the order.

He invited Secular Franciscans to gather in November 2024 at the Chapter of Mats in Rome, Italy.

Read the full text of Tibor Kauser’s  2022 Christmas Letter to Secular Franciscans.

2022 EN Christmas letter English

2022 Christmas letter   Spanish