(This article originally appeared in the TAU-USA Fall 2022 Issue #107)

Beginning in 2023, and culminating in 2026, we will celebrate the anniversaries of five significant events in the life of St. Francis of Assisi, namely the 800th anniversaries of the Later Rule and the Christmas at Greccio (2023), the Stigmata (2024), the Canticle of the Creatures (2025), and the Easter of Francis (2026). To guide us in our celebration of these “Franciscan Centenaries,” the Conference of the Franciscan Family has issued a wonderful resource manual. The title of this booklet is “2023-2026: A Multifaceted Centenary in Which Several Centenaries Will Be Celebrated.” More simply, we might reference these celebrations by simply referring to them as the “Franciscan Centenaries.”

A working group of experts was entrusted with the task of creating this booklet, which gives an outline for learning more about our charism at each stage of the Centenary. The entire Franciscan Family is to come together to celebrate these Centenaries and to participate in ongoing and initial formation programs centered

around these events. The celebration of these Centenaries is also intended to make the Franciscan Family more visible to those unfamiliar with us.

Please take time to review this booklet, which gives an overview of each anniversary and then offers suggested activities from four perspectives. Regional and local fraternities are invited to send in your ideas of how your fraternity will participate.

For easy reference, we include the first part of this booklet beginning on this page and continuing through page 12. Where can you find the complete Franciscan Centenary booklet? Look for it on the home page of the OFSUSA

website: secularfranciscansusa.org.