Youth-Friendly Fraternities Like a Family Meal

The commission has spoken many times about the importance of creating youth-friendly fraternities. Why is this essential and what does this really mean? The simple answer to the first question is, it’s essential because if a young person is interested in joining a YouFra (Franciscan Youth Fraternity), at this point they have nowhere to go with that desire, except to us—the Secular Franciscans. There are only a few official YouFra groups in the United States. ...

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One Young Lady’s Faith Journey

With her permission, I share with you a conversation I had with my young adult granddaughter. We hadn’t been together in person for a while, and sat with a cup of tea, enjoying each other’s company. Me: A while ago I talked to you when you were struggling with depression and  a lack  of enthusiasm for going to Church or even praying. ...

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The Q – A Boost for the Franciscan Youth and Young Adult Commission

Reflecting recently on our years as a FY/YA commission, I wondered whether we had succeeded in addressing the initial theme we had chosen to help us move in an appropriate direction —to “Unite, Ignite, and Invite.” (TAU USA, Spring, 2018, Issue #94) We talked and listened to attendees at the Quinquennial, both during our presentations and at our booth. The enthusiasm proved encouraging and affirmed that our commitment since the beginning has led us to a stronger YouFra awareness and presence. ...

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Let Me Tell You a Story

Telling stories (parables) was Jesus’ favorite way to teach and draw others into his fold. People gathered in throngs to hear what he had to say and to speak to him. Churches too should be places where people come to hear the story of God and to tell their own. That’s how we discover what it means to live gospel lives.

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Strengthening Our Faith Journey

I recently enjoyed conversing after Mass with several young adults who were home for the semester break from college. One of them shared that he felt a bit lost off at school without his family and the friends he’d grown up with. He was especially concerned that his faith life had come to a standstill. [...]

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