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Incarnation Prayer Liturgy

Greccio Presentation_Mass or Group

Christmas at Greccio 1223-2023

Patterns & Prayer Service – First Creche    As Francis hoped for the town’s people of his time, we hope a profound awakening to the Christ Child will come upon you.   The Prayer Service with readings from Christmas Eve Prayer from the Roman Martyrology, Celano, First Life, from Omnibus, and Christmas Crib from Franciscans Friars, TOR

Christmas Creche Prayer Service- Christmas Eve Prayer, Celano, Christmas Crib   The Prayer Service above with simple instructions


Stations of the Creche-AFC-2023[1778]

WaitingForTheMessiah[_V. Klick,OFS-2018_1398]

WaitingForTheMessiah_ReflectionQuestions_2018 V. Klick, OFS [1397]


Greccio Prayer Card  – for use with “Advent Tableau” or just distribute

Seasonal Prayers      –   Christmas Creche and St. Francis of Assisi;    Christmas Devotional Prayer

Reflection on Celano’s Greccio