The What’s and Where’s to Find

on the National Secular Franciscan Website

As suggested by Jan Parker, our National Minister, we would like to provide “DID YOU KNOW” blogs in the coming months of what this tremendous site has in store for us.

We will start with the CALENDARS pages.


 The CALENDARS contain four calendars:

  • Full Calendar (All Events),
  • OFS Retreats, Workshops, and Chapters
  • Regional Elections and Visitations
  • Franciscan Holy Days

Let’s look at with Franciscan Holy Days.

On your Computer:

From the HOME page, place your cursor over “Calendars” on the top bar.

The four calendars will be listed in the drop-down.

Click on “Franciscan Holy Days”.  And this displays…

On your phone (I am just learning the “how to’s” with viewing websites on my phone and some phones are different),

But there are three small lines on top each other – in the right top somewhere (on some phones or sites they will be on the left).   Tap these lines and the top bar of available pages (Home, News & Updates, Resources, Calendars, Contacts) will list on your phone.

Tap “Calendars”.

Now, you can view the calendar by the month or in a list of events.

The “VIEW AS” allows you to choose a calendar view by the month or in a list.

Now, on the monthly calendar, Scroll down to the end of the calendar.

Viewing the calendar by the month on Nov 23rd, the date bar of Nov 23rd is highlighted and the previous days are lightened,

On Nov 26th is St. Leonard of Port Maurice.     Click or press the Saint, and a page will display with information on that saint.

To view other months, you can click or press, at the end of the calendar, on the previous month (October) or the next month (December).

Or … you can go back to the top of the calendar and use the “EVENTS IN” box to get to another month and even in another year.

MORE in the next “DID YOU KNOW” blog.