State of the Order: 2019 New Rule, New Unity, New Vision

State of the Order: 2019 New Rule, New Unity, New Vision

[This is the final excerpt of an article that originally appeared in the Winter 2019 Issue 99 of the TAU-USA.  Also – Resources –  Meeting Documents and Proceedings –  2019 National Chapter –   State of Order Address OFS-USA 10-16-19 ]

National Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order – USA


In consultation with the National Executive Council


We’ve been on this journey of renewal for some time now. In the last 40 years the essential structures were set in place – and now we see the progression – the trajectory. What a gift it is to recognize this trajectory as God’s direction for our Order, even as we await its fulfillment.

New Rule, new unity, new vision. The new Rule gave us hope for renewal. A new unity as we formed a worldwide Order. A new vision through the visioning gatherings for Youth, Formation and JPIC. Certainly, from the beginning we have always “begun again” and started “something new” – but there is a particularity about this moment. The delivery of our new Rule was a ‘decisive and powerful moment,’ and this ‘moment’ of grace has been prolonged into a ‘season.’ Truly a new spirit has been placed in our hearts and a holy anointing has been poured out in our midst. Let us, like Francis, be tireless as we pursue holy newness. The way is unfolding before us, and God is with us.

“In these last times, a new Evangelist,

like one of the rivers of Paradise,
has poured out the streams of the gospel
in a holy flood over the whole world.
He preached the way of the Son of God
and the teaching of truth in his deeds.
In him and through him
an unexpected joy and a holy newness
came into the world.
A new spirit was placed in the hearts of the elect
and a holy anointing has been poured out in their midst.”

(1 Celano 89)


Peace and all good,

Jan Parker & Mary Bittner, in consultation with the National Executive Council

National Executive Council

Jan Parker, Minister

Mary Bittner, Vice Minister

Claudia Kauzlarich, Treasurer

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