Bishop talking from pulpit

Bishop Gerard Battersby

Bishop Gerard W. Battersby opened the National Chapter of the Secular Franciscan Order with Mass that included a homily that reminded listeners of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

The Christ who animated Peter and the other apostles is the same one who animates us, Bishop Battersby said.

“The first historical proof of the risen Lord was when the apostles encountered Him after the resurrection­.  Before they witnessed the resurrection, it was hard for the apostles to remember His promise. especially after Jesus’s savage death.  Can you imagine how they must have savored the wonder and explosion of joy that changed everything for everyone?  The disciples became transformed men and women,” Bishop Battersby said.

“The North Star guiding our lives is the fact that he is risen. That is the life-giving transformation because we are risen with Him, and we come to know him as the Lord of all creation.”

This changes everything for us as it did for the apostles and Francis,” he said.

“The Father’s plan is for us to become like Jesus.  Do not be afraid.  You have eternity to work it out,“ he said.  “We must always press into the Resurrection.”

Franciscans are meeting at the Sheraton Hotel at Metro Airport in Detroit on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

The national group will continue to meet to discuss business, worship, share fellowship, and tour the Blessed Solanus Casey Center.  National Chapter concludes Saturday evening after an election of officers to three-year terms on the National Executive Council.