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Relic of St. Francis of Assisi Stays with National Executive Council

On March 12, former National Minister, Jan Parker, OFS, visited the current National Executive Council to transfer documents, or so she said. In reality, she stopped by to transfer a special gift.  She presented Jane DeRose-Bamman, OFS, the current national minister with a relic of our seraphic father, St. Francis of Assisi.

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National Minister’s Message

Have you heard the adage: “If everything is a priority, then nothing is a priority?” Of course, we don’t profess to live one article of the Rule at a time. But like the liturgical seasons, or the feast days, it does help to focus on one facet to deepen our understanding of it. We focus on one aspect while still applying the other aspects of our faith and Rule each day. ...

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Franciscan Living

(These articles originally appeared in the Fall 2022 TAU-USA Issue #107)

Remembering My Friend Jerry Rousseau, OFS / and Thanks to Bob and Mary Stronach

By Jan Parker, OFS

Jerry Rousseau & Jan-ParkerTrusting in the Father, Christ chose for himself and his mother […]

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The Q – A Boost for the Franciscan Youth and Young Adult Commission

Reflecting recently on our years as a FY/YA commission, I wondered whether we had succeeded in addressing the initial theme we had chosen to help us move in an appropriate direction —to “Unite, Ignite, and Invite.” (TAU USA, Spring, 2018, Issue #94) We talked and listened to attendees at the Quinquennial, both during our presentations and at our booth. The enthusiasm proved encouraging and affirmed that our commitment since the beginning has led us to a stronger YouFra awareness and presence. ...

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Who Is My Neighbor

When Francis of Assisi started calling himself “Brother Francis,” he wasn’t just picking a title. He was expressing the relationship he wanted to have with the world. In his youth, Francis would never have thought of lepers as “neighbors,” let alone brothers and sisters. ...

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Quinquennal Reflections

The Q was like looking through a telescope and seeing a galaxy of Secular Franciscans. Some were older and limited physically, some were middle aged with an energetic acute interest, and all seemed driven by a love for the principles of St. Francis. ...

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Day 3 at The Q 2022

Continuing with the spirited theme of the Quinquennial, "JUBILEE! Rejoice in the Choice!,” five Secular Franciscans concluded the keynotes with a call to live our vocation. Speaking in the final keynote were Doug and Marion Clorey, OFS, of Prince Edward Island, Canada, and Tim and Kathy Taormina, OFS, and Lori Hinker, OFS, of Apple Valley, Minn. ...

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