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It’s October 15, 2022, about 1:45pm Eastern time, and I have been elected National Minister of the Secular Franciscan Order in the United States (OFS-USA) by a majority vote of the members of the OFS-USA Fraternity Council at our Chapter in Detroit, Michigan. ... I have been integrating my first vocation (marriage to Brian Bamman – 32 years) with my second vocation (OFS – 27 years) for most of our married life. My husband is a “Fourth Order” Franciscan. Service as the National Secretary was a privilege and honor, but also took up quite a bit of time, so I was ready for a break. Brian and I prayed about it and discerned that it was ok to take my name off  the nominations list. What a relief! ...

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OFS-USA National Theme 2022-2025, Listen-Discern-Go Forth

The OFS USA National Theme for 2022 to 2025 is, "Listen, Discern, Go forth." We were inspired by a lecture given by Fr. Thomas Nairn who paraphrased Pope John XXIII. Hear his talk in English here: These three Formation Friday will look at each of these words from our perspective as Catholics and Secular Franciscans.

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Currently, our fraternity is awaiting visitation from our Region. At that visit, our Regional leadership will determine whether we have successfully regrouped after experiencing the most difficult challenge to our fraternity since its formation. While there have been several challenges over our century of fraternity life, what we experienced a few years ago was truly unique, difficult, and formative. It has been a time of much prayer, discernment, mutuality, and work. ...

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Franciscan Living – Why After You?

“Brother Masseo, wanting to test how humble he [Francis] was, went up to him and, as if joking, said, ‘Why after you, why after you, why after you?’ Masseo goes on to say in clarification: ‘I’m saying why does the whole world come after you, and everyone seems to desire to see you and hear you? You aren’t a handsome man in body, you aren’t someone of great learning, you’re not noble; so why does the whole world come after you?’” ...

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Francis And Clare And Peace

As the war in Eastern Europe continues, Secular Franciscans – like everyone else – are looking for answers. Perhaps we can turn to Sts. Francis and Clare, as their lives were also affected by the tragedies of war and violence. In 1215, Pope Innocent III launched the Fourth Lateran Council, at which he called for a fifth crusade. St. Francis was likely present at the council, and he heard the call. After two failed attempts, in 1219, he arrived in the Holy Land. However, he was there as a different sort of crusader. He did not arrive with arms; he had a different plan. ...

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National Database Committee Unveils New OFS-USA Database

Database Committee Chair Bill Mussatto reports that Release 1 of the new database will be ready for implementation in the Spring of 2023.  Release 1 will contain all the necessary day-to-day functions, as well as some new enhancements and functionality.  This release will not be in time for the annual reporting cycle for the Regions, so the existing process will be used in early 2023.

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Let Me Tell You a Story

Telling stories (parables) was Jesus’ favorite way to teach and draw others into his fold. People gathered in throngs to hear what he had to say and to speak to him. Churches too should be places where people come to hear the story of God and to tell their own. That’s how we discover what it means to live gospel lives.

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