This workshop was held August 30 – September 1, 2017 in Kansas City at the Our Savior Pastoral Center. There were approximately 100 participants including representatives from all branches of our Franciscan family.

From Jan Parker’s Minister’s Message regarding the workshop:

The journey of transformative visioning has begun – a journey that will test our readiness to authentically live the Franciscan life. Our experience at the recent Formation Visioning Workshop awakened our souls. We must now allow God to work this great change in us.

Pre-workshop Required Reading

  1. Visioning – Background
  2. Visioning – Conversion
  3. Visioning – Process


Documents Used and Created During the Workshop

  • Schedule
  • Opening Prayer Service – “Bringing Our Gifts”
  • Scriptural Prayer 1 – An excellent prayer/meditation focused on our call and God’s vision for the OFS
  • Visioning Discernment – Key working document. Used to guide the initial visioning process, first individually, then in small groups where each participant’s vision was shared and discussed.
  • Scriptural Prayer 2 – An excellent prayer/meditation focused on conversion.
  • Small Groups Topics – After all the small groups reported on the results of their initial visioning session, the workshop participants re-sorted themselves into 14 topic-specific groups to discuss what it was going to take to get to the vision.
  • Closing Prayer Service – “Give me oil in my lamp, keep me burning…”
  • Coming Soon – A summary and synthesis of the small group reports following each phase of the discernment process


Music — Recordings and Song Lyrics

Jan Parker coordinated the musical aspects of the workshop and also provided a beautiful guitar accompaniment at each prayer service and Mass. After the workshop, she kindly recorded each of the songs for us to post here.

The song lyrics in a PDF document can be downloaded here.

Members of the Formation Visioning Planning Team

The National Formation Visioning Workshop was a collaborative effort involving the National Executive Council and the National Formation Commission.

  • NEC: Jan Parker, OFS, Mary Bittner, OFS, Mary Stronach, OFS
  • NFC: Mary Anne Lenzi, OFS, Francine Gikow, OFS, Diane Menditto, OFS, Anne Mulqueen, OFS