Fr. Christopher Panagoplos, TOR, joins us on our Lenten journeys to warn us of the temptations that can thwart our conversion, and to remind us of the Incarnation, which imbues our world with goodness.

“These Lenten days are meant to lead us into a different view of things.  Individuals begin to come into a more benevolent focus as we give over our prejudice and disordered judgment.  Then, we view others with compassion: we see all the different people on the face of the earth, so varied in dress and behavior.  Some are white and others black.  Some at peace and others at war.  Some weeping and others laughing.  Some well and others sick.  Some being born and others dying.  Personal conversion has induced a sharp sense of the struggles and mystery of others.  They are no longer beasts.”

Read the full text of this Sunday’s homily here:  1st Sunday in Lent – Fr. Christopher (text)

View his homily here: 1st Sunday in Lent – Fr. Christopher (video)