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Franciscan Centenary Celebration Activity

Vickie Klick, OFS, chair of the Centenary Task Force, led an activity focusing on the four-year Franciscan Centenary Celebration. Chapter attendees had an opportunity to participate in an exercise focusing on the Rule of the Secular Franciscan Order. The attendees worked in pairs to discuss questions focusing on the life of St. Francis of Assisi. The goal of the activity was for the participants to better understand how living the Rule, builds relationships between sisters and brothers.  ...

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Chapter Day Away

National Chapter attendees celebrated the feast of our patron, St. Louis IX, King of France, at a Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis at its 2023 Chapter on the feast day of St. Louis, Aug. 25. Fr. Tom Nairn, OFM, provincial of Sacred Heart province, was the celebrant. ...

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Christmas at Greccio (1223)

This year, the Franciscan Family continues to observe a series of eight-centenary commemorations. In 2023, we are reflecting on two important events that occurred 800 years ago: the Approval of the Later Rule and the reenactment of Christmas at Greccio. Not far from Rieti, in the northernmost part of the eponymous valley, is the hill town of Greccio. Home to just about 100 residents, the village is famed for an event that took place in 1223. Within a grotto nestled within a cliff, here, St. Francis of Assisi reenacted the first nativity scene. ...

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OFS-USA National Chapter 2023

Seventy Secular Franciscans, friars and visitors met at the General Chapter in St. Louis amidst a record-setting heat wave Aug. 22-27. One day the mercury soared to 104 degrees, breaking a record of 101 degrees set in 1943. This was a visitation year, and Secular Franciscans were honored by the presence of fraternal visitor Dina Shabalina, OFS, from Ukraine, and pastoral visitor Fr. Carlos Gines Campos Julve, TOR, of Peru. Visitations are held every six years at the national level.

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Building Relationships with the help of Jesus

Relationships is the third aspect of our national focus for 2022-2025.  The Gospel and our Rule call us to be in relationship.  "For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matt 18:20 NAB Reflecting on Jesus' reminder from Matthew 18:20 - if two or three are gathered in his name, then He is there, we recognize that relationships with our Franciscan family members are especially important.

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OFS-USA Greccio ZOOM Event Is Almost Here!

A virtual tour of Greccio, site of the first live nativity scene, will be featured Sunday, Nov. 19 on Zoom. Then the 1223 Greccio event will be told from the perspective of two early Franciscan biographers: Thomas of Celano, one of the original followers of St. Francis and St. Bonaventure (a “second generation” Franciscan who interviewed the remaining original followers).

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A Sunrise Perspective

Early in the morning, when I sit on the front porch and look east, I have a clear view of the distant hills and trees. If I wake up early enough, I watch the sky just above these hills beginning to glow in various shades of yellow, orange, and magenta. A few birds flutter by, and some sit silhouetted in the trees. Even a small hummingbird pauses to watch the new day begin. As time passes, rays of light flare along the hilltops, and Brother Sun slowly appears with a glaring brightness signaling the beginning of a new day. After a short time of quiet reflection, it is time to head back into the house for a little breakfast. ...

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OFS Quinquennial Museum, Phoenix, Az.

Last August’s Quinquennial was indeed a special event. More than 600 attendees from all over the United States participated. We had inspiring speakers, stimulating breakout sessions, multiple opportunities for prayer and singing, perusing our many vendors for books, religious supplies, totes, pictures and what have you, and, of course, there was our OFS Museum. ...

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CIOFS Presidency at work

Tuesday’s meeting began with Minister General Tibor Kauser giving a formation talk on servant leadership. Leadership is tied to community; that is, a leader needs a team to move ahead with a project or strive for a goal. So, he said, a leader helps form and protect community, and helps members grow in their OFS vocation. ...

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