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Good Communication As Part of Our Communications Plan

As Catholics and Secular Franciscans, we are called to shape society and our Order's future. We are called to be good communicators and users of the means of communication available to us. When we hear the word “communication,” the first thing that probably comes to mind is media, that is, forms of communication with an “s.” ... All the communications (media) in the world go to waste if we do not communicate who we are to others and seek to understand who they are.

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New National Database Update

The National Database for the Secular Franciscan Order of the USA is expected to roll out in May 2023. At the recent National Chapter in October, members of the OFS-USA Database Committee provided a demo of the new database and projected the database would be introduced in the spring. ...

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“Peace With the Earth, Peace with Each Other, Peace Within”

In late June, I was introduced to an amazing woman who was offering a wonderful gift to The Interfaith Alliance of the Southwest. This woman, Laurie Marshal, is the founder of The Singing Tree Foundation, promoting Unity Through Creativity. She wanted to partner with the Alliance and bring the Singing Tree Project to El Paso. It is the hope of both Laurie and the Interfaith Alliance of the Southwest to have the City of El Paso become declared an International City of Peace. ...

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The Franciscan Centenary

A centenary is a 100-year commemoration of a significant event. In the same way we celebrate birthdays or wedding or profession anniversaries, our order commemorates significant events in the life of Francis. These are moments to reflect. We take time to consider what these events mean to us, how they shaped or formed us, and how they affect our identity. We look back at what happened in time in order to consider where we are now, and where we wish to go  from here. ...

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One Young Lady’s Faith Journey

With her permission, I share with you a conversation I had with my young adult granddaughter. We hadn’t been together in person for a while, and sat with a cup of tea, enjoying each other’s company. Me: A while ago I talked to you when you were struggling with depression and  a lack  of enthusiasm for going to Church or even praying. ...

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Our Fraternity Gathering: Our Life!

Why is being in a fraternity so important? Short Answer: because it is our brothers and sisters who support and challenge us to live the LIFE of a Secular Franciscan. We cannot do it alone! We learn about ourselves and our charism by living in fraternity.  Living with the same people in fraternity for the rest of our lives (unless we relocate) challenges us to an ever-deepening relationship with others in a new family of faith. ...

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We Are All Volunteers

Each Secular Franciscan is a volunteer of sorts… a volunteer for Jesus. We choose daily to say yes to our vocation, going from Gospel to life and life to the Gospel. Although elected to our positions, the members of the new National Executive Council volunteered to serve in those positions. There are other volunteers in the Order who serve in appointed positions. The appointees are often behind the scenes. Without those willing to serve in appointed positions, those who were elected would be floundering immediately upon election. ...

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JPIC – It’s Never Too Late to Love

St Francis has inspired me since I was a little girl and read a biography of his life. My friend, Deacon Bob Campbell invited me to come to Franciscans Living in Community (FLIC), originally Secular Experience of Living Franciscanism (SELF). I was the only non- professed person there!! ... I feel like Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation chose me!! I always respond to the cry of the poor with prayer and action. ...

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Day Away Pilgrimage – Solanus Casey Center

For the day away during the National Chapter event, the Divine Mercy Region hosts treated fraternity members to a bus tour of the City of Detroit. We experienced the Solanus Casey Center, including the celebration of Mass at the St. Bonaventure Chapel connected to the center. On the way, we crossed Detroit’s Gateway Bridge. This bridge was built in preparation for the 2007 Super Bowl XL, which was evident by the designers incorporating football-like ovals in its structure. ...

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