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OFS Mission Opportunity – To Assist Migrants and Refugees

We are in troubling times. We hear the news of migrants and refugees at the border, and we ask, “what is ours to do?” As directed by our Bishops, we need to put two feet of love in action. We need both social action and charitable works. Certainly, there are root causes that need to be addressed, and our country’s immigration laws need revision, but meanwhile, we must meet the immediate needs of these brothers and sisters. To that end, the National Executive Council OFS-USA offers this Mission Opportunity for Secular Franciscans to assist Project Oak Tree.

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May 2018 Minister’s Message – National Fraternity Elective Chapter

With the June 13th deadline for making nominations fast approaching, Jan Parker’s newest Minister’s Message reviews the key elements involved in National Fraternity Elective Chapters (the next of which takes place this coming October). These include:

  • What are the essential aspects of a Chapter?
  • What is the significance of […]
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