Why attend a “Q”?   Article 7 of the National Statutes of the Secular Franciscan Order in the United States (OFSUSA) states that the “National Fraternity shall celebrate a National Congress at least once every five years.” (https://www.secularfranciscansusa.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/OFS_National_Statutes_FINAL_07_24_13_OFS_withSignatures.pdf)

Plus, it’s a booster shot for your vocation.  Every Q has food, fun, formation, family, fraternity, formal prayer and of course – Franciscans!  This one, in particular, will be very special as we will be celebrating the JUBILEE of our Order’s 800th anniversary of Memoriale Propositi (the Rule of 1221), and the 100th anniversary of our National Quinquennial Congress!  (COVID got us off schedule a little….but better late than never!)  General Information has been prepared to answer many questions.  It covers registration costs, registration questions, hotel and travel information and much more.

The Q committee is counting down the days until we will be together.  Reduced registration costs available for “Early Birds”.  Registration opens on August 1.  Enter your email address at the Q Registration Countdown to be notified when Registration opens.